• Golden Seafood Company

    Golden Seafood Company is an Icelandic fish processing and export company situated close to the harbour in Hafnarfjörður. The company specializes in production, export and sales of seafood products. It´s products are frozen, fresh, wet salted and light salted cod, haddock, ling and saithe fillets. Golden Seafood Company is a reliable fish processing company and its keywords are source, quality and traceability.




  • Source and quality

    Golden Seafood Company relies on high quality raw material and the expertise and constant education of its personnel. Golden Seafood Company provides customers with the best service available at every time. Internal control is an essential part of the management of the company. Golden Seafood Companys products are produced by strict quality control processes. 


  • Traceability

    The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches in Icelandic waters and responsible fisheries management. All products of Golden Seafood Company are certified by Responsible Fisheries Iceland.