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Golden Seafood Company is well known as a producer or contractor by professionality, confidentiality, and quality work, which make them the best choice in Iceland.


Family business

Golden Seafood Company is a family business organization established in 2002. The company is known for its professional work methods, whether related to service or production. Over the years, Golden Seafood has operated as a manufacturer and exporter of seafood.

At the beginning of 2021, the company underwent a specific policy change by moving from production and export to offering only services, including gutting and promotion.

It is always the company’s policy to meet the highest quality standards. The employees of Golden Seafood Company have extensive knowledge, education and experience in this field. Golden Seafood Company provides customers with the best service available at every time. Internal control is an integral part of the management of any company responsible for producing and distributing food. Golden Seafood’s service is under a strict quality control system (HACCP) and with MSC certification.

Golden Seafood Company provides reliable service information at all times. It seeks to build and maintain a personal connection to the customers and create trust between all the parties.

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Golden Seafood’s sorting and the gutting station is in Hafnarfjörður, at Eyrartröð 12 and has MSC traceability certification (MSC-C-XXXXXX). The MSC certification confirms that the raw material passing through the plant originates from sustainable fish stocks. With this, Golden Seafood Company follows the rules and development on traceability and demands what domestic or foreign markets request.

The company’s office is 1,400 sqm divided into two processing rooms, two refrigerators and one freezer. 

The capacity of the plant can go up to 100 tons per day in gutting. There is a good camera system in the plant, so it is possible to closely monitor the processing and transport of raw materials to and from the plant up to 6 months back in time.

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Why Golden Seafood

By choosing Golden Seafood Company, our client is not only getting the best service possible but also are saving a lot of transport cost from another region in Iceland to the exports companies which they are located in the capital area close to our company location, not taking any risk that your raw material is stuck in some countryside do late delivery for others service companies, and the best part is supporting the green environments of our planet with unnecessary back and forth transport.

Golden Seafood emphasizes a good work ethic, especially when it comes to handling the raw material.
Reliability, honesty, traceability, work methods and quality control are our strengths.


Gutting, filleting, icing, finishing for export and possible filleting or heading by agreement.

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